The Maritime Labor Convention: New Protections for those who work on the High Seas

I.  Introduction

On February 23, 2006, the International Labor Organization adopted the Maritime Labor Convention. The convention is an attempt to consolidate all existing maritime labor regimes and to provide a comprehensive rights based charter for maritime employees.  The United States participated in the conference in the hopes that by passing this convention more economic benefits may flow to the American maritime industry. The convention may provide a basis for American employees to maintain and enhance traditional rights such as maintenance and cure.

II.  History & Standards

On February 23, 2006, after two weeks of frantic activity and last minute haggling, the International Labor Organization (ILO) adopted the long debated Maritime Labor Convention. [1] The convention, a comprehensive new labor regime for those working in the maritime industry, was adopted by a vote of 314 for, with no votes against, and four abstentions. [2] Two major goals of the treaty

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Stakeholders and the Corporate Boardroom: Can Trade Unions help promote Corporate Social Responsibility?

I. Introduction

A meeting
at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya is focusing on the global
trend to include more stakeholders in the corporate governance
structure. The aim of this meeting is to promote links between
environment sustainability, trade unions, and corporations. These
trends are being followed in the U.S. as evidenced by the Securities
and Exchange Commission proposal to allow large shareholders a direct
voice in the nomination of board of directors.

II. Issues

January 15-17th 2006, at UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi, the first annual
Trade Union Assembly on Labor and Environment took place.[1] The aims
of the conference were to reinforce the social and labor dimension of
environmental conservation and sustainable development and to
strengthen the relationship between UNEP and the world of labor.[2]
This gathering recognizes that trade unions have a huge role to play in
helping corporations achieve their goals of becoming socially
responsible citizens.

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