Core Philosophy

My core research philosophy involves denaturalizing writing technologies to develop better writing habits, workflows, and routines.

My research has five themes: (1) writing as a participatory activity, such as in social media, (2) writing interfaces and templates, (3) machine learning and “AI” communication, (4) the effects of automation on writing, and (5) STEM writing.

Credit: T-Stagg Photography

Research Interests

  • User experience and information design
  • Social media interactions, chiefly how writers respond to their audiences, including algorithms.
  • Computational methods, including web-scraping, web development, data structuring, bibliometrics & scientometrics.
  • Machine learning, specifically using techniques to study audience interactions. More recently, I have been studying the types of writing machine learning scientists engage and the genres they employ
  • Science Communication, including engineering writing and the communication processes of research labs. Specifically, I am interested in how scientists disseminate their research online.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign