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This webpage is meant as a resource for publicly-oriented articles about online commenting, internet trolls, and issues of harassment.

Online Articles

The Internet Warriors: Meet the Trolls in their own Home

The Online Abuse of Female Journalists

The Real Name Fallacy

Lady code trolls and bots for better communities

We Asked 8,500 Internet Commenters Why They Do What They Do

Beyond Comments: Finding Better Ways To Connect With You

Journalists and Online Comments

Comments are Changing. Our Commitment to Audiences Shouldn’t

Who are the Trolls?

Swallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogyny

Should we feed the trolls?

Internet: The Murky History of Moderation

A Toxic Web: what the Victorians can teach us about online abuse

Comments on articles are valuable. So how to weed out the trolls?

The Dark Side of Guardian Comments

Against “Don’t Read the Comments”

The Psychology of Online Comments

Why the Online Troll Trolls

The Threat Facing Online Comments

Should We Put an End to Online Comments?

A Brief History of the End of Online Comments

Forcing Commenters to Use Real Names Won’t Root Out the Trolls

Let’s Do Away with Anonymous Online Comments

What Do Online Comments Say About You?

The Beginning of the End for Online Comments?

The Case for Ending Online Comments

Why Women Don’t Leave Comments

Online Comments are Being Phased Out

5 Tips for Dealing with Negative Comments

What you need to know about Blog Comments? (and Using Disqus)

“Shrinking Women”: Layers of Reception and Literary Topoi in Viral Video Poetry

Good Podcasts

This American Life (“If you don’t have anything nice to say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS)

Online Comments:  A Wicked Problem

Online Comments: The View from the Trenches

Should I Respond to Negative Comments? (click to episode 325)

Why I Don’t Allow Comments on My Website

How to Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Have Online Comments Gone Too Far?

ProBlogger Podcast (a good resource in general)


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