Professional Development

In addition to eight years of management experience at a nation-wide corporation, I have been an academic for the past nine years. I have taught at five different institutions (two research universities, a medium-size private college, and two community colleges). In less than a decade, I have taught over twenty-eight different courses and 80 different sections.



Please contact me ( if you would like to schedule a meeting or speaking engagement. I have given professional development seminars that include:


  • course design, including syllabus and visualizing traditional documents
  • improve your course evaluations
  • mid-semester course evaluations, syllabus adjustments, and “taking the temperature” of your class
  • teaching observations
  • faculty time-management practices (with a focus on saving time!)
  • writing workshops and bootcamps
  • job application documents
  • motivation and wellness practices
  • incremental evaluation and assessment
  • teaching with audio and visual computer programs
  • online teaching practices
  • grading practices and advice, with an emphasis on saving time and increasing efficacy
  • conflict resolution

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign