Sample Syllabi

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Potential Syllabi

Writing and Rhetoric in an Age of Algorithms (upper-level undergraduate; graduate level)

Internet Research Methods (graduate-level)

Writing in the Digital Economy (upper-level undergraduate)

Contemporary Audience Theory (graduate)

Identity Politics and Digital Rhetoric (undergraduate)


Past Syllabi (selected)

English 482: Writing Technologies (Spring 2017)

BTW 490: Web Development and Social Media Management (Spring 2017)

English 380: Internet Writing & Rhetoric (Fall 2015)

BTW 490: Workplace Writing in a Digital Age (Fall 2015)

BTW 250: Business and Technical Writing (Fall 2014)

English 112: College Writing (UMass) (Fall 2012)

English 101: First Year Writing (Community College) (Fall 2012)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign