Undergraduate students – Melanie Bergman


About Melanie Bergman

Email: mmb7@illinois.edu

Department: Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

  • Major: Animal Sciences: Science, Medical & Pre-Veterinary Concentration
  • Minors: Chemistry & Leadership Studies


I am an undergraduate student pursuing a major in Animal Science with a plan to attend veterinary school after my expected graduation date of May 2022. I have worked in the Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiology Laboratory since November 2020. This lab has helped me grow as a researcher by teaching me skills like data entry, tissue processing, and efficiency in organization. As well, this lab has contributed to furthering my people skills like time management, communication, and overall teamwork. I am currently working on a USDA Raptor Leg Project along with a veterinarian from the University of Florida. I hope to complete my ACES James Scholar Project within this lab and participate in more field work in the future.