Prospective Students

I am always interested in students who have a desire in participate in research projects oriented to bio-detection of pathogens and other threats to conservation, humans, wildlife and livestock health. In my program, students receive training (field and laboratory) on biosafety and animal care regulations.

I integrate field research with experimental and observational epidemiological studies on wildlife (populations and their habitats). I monitor and quantify disease events in natural ecosystems; identify risk factors associated with disease occurrence, persistence, spread, transmission and control; evaluate the impact of diseases in the conservation and preservation of natural species.

If you are interested in applying epidemiological theory to native and nonnative species in natural systems, understanding the impact of diseases in wildlife populations, and understanding the role of natural levels of biodiversity in mediating the persistence of pathogens in the environment, please feel free to contact me.

Undergraduate Students

Prospective undergraduate students interested in acquiring experience and collaborating with veterinarians, ecologists, parasitologists, epidemiologists, nutritional scientists, among others, are welcome to contact me, even if you don’t have an specific project in mind.

Graduate Students

Graduate students should submit a CV, description of research interests, transcripts and GRE score (non official are ok). Contact me to set an appointment to explore different research options, even if you don’t have an specific project in mind.

International Initiatives

We are looking forward to work and collaborate with the international community of researchers and future scientists.

Graduate students interested in applying should have:

At least “B” cumulative grade point average (or the equivalent).

International students whose native language is not English must have a TOEFL score of at least 243 (computer based exam) or 79 (iBT); plus a score of 5 or 6 on the Test of Written English.

Other Universities and institutions interested in International Collaboration, please contact me.

For more information, please visit the Graduate College page and the Grad school for international students page.