We are interested in integrating field research with experimental and observational epidemiological studies on wildlife population health and their habitats.

Dr. Mateus-Pinilla’s research focuses on epidemiology, conservation, restoration and preservation of Natural Resources while encouraging a responsible response to societal needs concerning disease impact to human, livestock and wildlife health.

White-footed mouse - Tick collection for Lyme Disease project.
©Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiology Laboratory – Illinois Natural History Survey


Available opportunities

  • Postdoctoral research associate opportunity to conduct research at the interface of wildlife disease epidemiology and population genetics in white tailed deer.
  • Hourly laboratory opportunities to work with tissue samples, data entry, and overall organization and support of the laboratory operations.

** Dedication, commitment, attention to detail and willingness to work with biological samples, in a diverse research environment are required. E-mail me for additional information.

Wildlife Disease Research

If interested in donating to the Wildlife Disease Ecology Fund, contact Dr. Nohra Mateus-Pinilla at nohram@illinois.edu.

From left to right: Undergraduate students YiYing Tung, Sofia Mateus, Joey He and Nora Ryan.