Deer Management Program

The Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management program in Illinois started in the fall of 2002 after the first case of CWD was detected in wild white-tailed deer. The management program uses a state-sponsored localized focus culling (LFC) conducted as close as possible to previously identified CWD-infected locations. CWD-infected locations are identified using hunter-harvest and LFC deer TRSs (township/range/ section) information collected during the previous hunting seasons.

Distribution of CWD cases by June, 2022. Picture courtesy of IDNR.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD): A Threat to Illinois’ Deer | By Dr. Nelda A. Rivera

For more details bout CWD in Illinois, please download our brochure [PDF]


For more details about the CWD management program, please view the following series of videos developed by the IDNR, which provide:

Part 1-Introduction,
Part 2-Testing CWD Samples,
Part 3-Sharpshooting,
Part 4-Common Questions, Research, and Safe Handling of Deer.