A Values statement should articulate how Student Affairs will conduct itself. The statement should answer the question, “How do we treat others, and how do we want to be treated?”

Our proposed Values are listed below:


Our work is grounded in service with student success at the heart of our efforts. We ensure all initiatives include a student voice and act in the best interest of students.


We work to foster a just, inclusive, and fair campus environment where everyone in the Illinois community is treated equitably. We champion respect for each other, collaborative and inclusive decision-making, individual stories and diverse perspectives.


We are committed to a transformative learning process that is innovative, forward thinking, and inspires excellence. As educators, we value theory-driven and evidence-based practices to challenge and support student growth, knowledge, and understanding.


Understanding that our well-being has significant impact on our ability to achieve our goals, we support and encourage the holistic health of all members of the Illinois community.