The Team


Beth Hoag
, Ph.D., Interim Director for Assessment and Planning
Brian Farber
Brian Farber
, Executive Assistant to the AVC for Auxiliaries, Health and Wellbeing

Strategic Planning Team

      • Domonic Cobb, Director for Office of Minority Student Affairs
      • Jason W. Ensign, Dining Food Service Administrator IV
      • Jim Hintz, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Engagement
      • Chantelle Thompson, Director of Marketing and Communications
      • Lisa Jackson, Associate Director for New and Transfer Student Programs
      • Carla McCowan, Director for Counseling Center
      • Jorge Mena Robles, Assistant Director for La Casa
      • Ann-Marie Morgan, Assistant Dean of Students
      • Anna Tsai, Sr. Executive Director for Administrative Services
      • Ross Wantland, Director for Diversity Education and Social Justice Education
      • Jeanette Weider, Associate Director for Family and Grad Housing
      • Bryan Johnson, Project Manager, University Housing
      • Belinda De La Rosa, Director of Assessment for Auxiliary, Health, and Wellbeing & Student Success and Engagement
      • Connor Josellis, Illinois Student Government President
      • Michelle Cheung, Turner Fellow
      • Samantha Cushing, Turner Fellow
      • Miranda MacNaughton, Turner Fellow