Feedback on Strategic Plan

The Student Affairs Strategic Planning Team has completed the proposed initiatives for the Student Affairs Strategic Plan and welcomes your review and feedback.

In developing our plan, the team used data from a series of summits on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of our division as well as many conversations with the students, staff and faculty we serve over the past year.  The team intentionally connected our initiatives with our Campus “Next 150” Strategic Plan as we work to be a community of excellence inspiring holistic growth and development for every student.

You will find the current draft on Box here.  We are committed to an open and inclusive process that honors the diverse perspectives of the University community.

Please submit your feedback through the following feedback form.

When providing feedback please indicate the specific section of the plan you are commenting on (e.g. In Goal 3, section G., letter iv….). The form is anonymous, but you can choose to self-identify.

Opportunities for feedback will remain open until November 29.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


Below are links to view the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges (SWOC) that students, division members, and stakeholders outside of Student Affairs shared during various SWOC Summits in fall 2019.

This input is being analyzed and used to formulate the division’s strategic initiatives.

Thank you to all those who shared their voices during the SWOC Summits!

SWOC Data (PDF | 192 KB)

SWOC Worksheets (PDF | 93 KB)

Outcomes Update

The first key outcome of the Student Affairs Strategic Planning process was the development of new vision, mission and values statements. The planning team determined that the vision and mission statements were interdependent so assigned both of those tasks to the same committee while a second committee developed the values statements.

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