Image Widget Plugin

Description: “A simple image widget that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site.”

Plugin creator’s site:

How to use:

The image below was associated with its title and description using the Image Widget plugin, and embedded on this page using the Widgets on Pages plugin.

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Content Views plugin

Description: “Query and display posts, pages in awesome layouts (grid, scrollable list, collapsible list) easier than ever, without coding!”

Plugin creator site:

Examples: In this page there are three layouts of every post marked in the “Site management” category — grid, scrollable list, and collapsible list.

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Advanced Excerpt plugin

Plugin name: Advanced Excerpt

Plugin creator’s site:

This plugin is in use on this page for demonstration purposes, and creates the continuation link displayed below.

However, note that accessibility best practices encourage you not to use “Read More” or another “all purpose” phrase as a single way of providing an excerpt link.

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