Bellows Pro Accordion Menu

Description: Bellows Pro Accordion Menu will create self-updating, page-relationship-aware navigation menus (similar to the Confluence Wiki’s self-updating menu).

Plugin creator’s site: Bellows Pro Accordion Menu by SevenSpark

How to use:

After enabling the Bellows Pro Accordion Menu plugin, you’ll want to visit its control panel.

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Table of Contents Plus


The Table of Contents plugin can be used to add a table of contents that is generated from the headings you’ve used within a page or post. It can be configured to either insert itself automatically, to wait for a certain number of headlines to insert itself, or to only do so when called with a short code.

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Description: “Create a powerful, SEO-optimized slider, gallery, or carousel in minutes with the world’s #1 image and photo plugin!”

Creator’s website:

How to use: Detailed information is available from MetaSlider’s Documentation pages.

For a quick start:

  1. Select the MetaSlider item from the left-hand menu in your dashboard.
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