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The ADM Institute publishes an e-newsletter, PHL in the News, on a biweekly basis to summarize important news about postharvest loss, including articles, opportunities, events, and media coverage. To subscribe, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This archive listing is not currently being updated. The last update was done in July 2013.

The Preventing Postharvest Loss blog archives the previous PHL in the News publications. Each article is listed as a post in the archive. These articles are listed by region, crop, topic/issue, stage of supply chain, and article type that are available from the drop-down list at the navigation bar and the list below. The tag cloud to the right shows the popular topics and issues addressed in the articles. You can also use the search function at the top of the side column to find specific keywords in the posts.

PHL in the News Archive Categories

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World Grains in General Consumer Waste
Africa Maize/Corn Direct Causes of Loss
Asia Oilseeds Education & Training
Central America & the Caribbean Pulses Food Security
Europe Rice Infrastructure
North America Soybean Investment
Wheat Market Access
South America Policy
Postharvest Loss
Supply Chain
Weather & Climate Change
Other Topics/Issues


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Farm Level Blog
Storage Journal
Transportation News
Packaging Report
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