Minor Assignment 2 Reflection

This critical response reminded me that I need to take things step by step. I believe out of all of the classes that I’ve ever took in my life, I probably wrote the most paper/essays in this class. At first I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to write this many papers but after doing this assignment, I learned that I don’t necessarily have to write a perfect paper in one sitting. This assignment taught me to write down ¬†whatever that comes to my head and travels through my body to my hand to start with, then I would look at it at a different sitting and start revising. This method has been working very well for me when I take into account the time management and the quality of my papers itself. This is a very useful skill and a very important one that I’ll be using throughout my career. As far as errors on the assignment goes, I kept writing the word “things,” which is vague and I attend to do this often so I will try harder in the future to be less vague and be more specific. All in all, even though this assignment wasn’t too long, it definitely taught me some important lessons.