Essay 1 Reflection

This was the first big paper that we had to write and I remember sort of panicking because  of the required amount that we had to write on such a small item that only includes records of what the person bought on a daily basis. Although I started out this way, I began to think of so many things that I could write and eventually finished the paper.

As I started to to revise this paper, I noticed two mistakes that I often made. The first mistake was grammar, which I have been often making throughout my writing career, and the second mistake was just me being too general and vague. Grammar was something easy to fix but the parts being vague had me thinking for a long time. I asked myself, “How can I make this more specific?” At first, I didn’t know how to be any more specific because it looked like I explained the vagueness after the generalized sentence but I realized that “many ways to organize or to be organized,” can be changed with specific types of organizations. Overall, from revising this particular assignment, I learned how to eliminate vague sentences into a more focused and specified sentences.