Essay 2 Reflection

This annotated bibliography was a stepping stone for my final essay but that wasn’t the only purpose it had. It taught me how to cite sources properly, how to summarize sources properly, and how to do an analysis properly. These are important skills that I can utilize in the future so I am very thankful for this assignment, even though it took a lot of effort and a ┬álot of time. My main problem with this assignment was that I didn’t include whether it was peer reviewed or not. To do this, I had to revisit on how to tell whether a source was peer reviewed and it was actually not too difficult. Another minor mistake within my annotated bibliography was that I included a expletive construction. More specifically, I put “There were,” which was not necessary at all to state my point. We learned about expletive construction in class it was something I do very often, either unconsciously or to fill up more words. I forgot about expletive construction until I started to revise this particular paper and I’m very glad I was reminded because I have a big speech that I have to present in communications class and I included expletive construction, which I will be fixing shortly after I am done with this assignment.