Metaphor: Time is Money

We had to come up with a few metaphors about our writing life but i stuck my mind on a specific one already.

Time is money

I like the metaphor “time is money” because in this context I can say that the more i put in the time to write, the more value I’ll add on to my writing skills.

With this metaphor, I’ll be able to represent my writing life very well.

Writing Feedback Reflection

Throughout the semester, we have done a couple critical response assignments and an essay. Doing them was one thing but getting a feedback was another. By doing these assignments, I learned more about a certain topic and I was able to go in depth about the subject. By getting a feedback, I was able to see my mistakes and I was able to see what kind of improvements I can make in the future. At the end of the semester, with the help of the comments and all the other types of feedback, I will be able to fix my grammar mistakes, awkward sentences, and improve my paper in general.

I found my topic!

Hey Lance,

How have you been buddy? Do you remember when I asked for your help last time about a research topic? Well, I chose mine and you’re going to like it. I was talking to Ian and since he’s in the army, I decided to research about the correlation of military veterans and poverty. I’ve seen and heard of many veterans out there who face this tragedies and I wanted to figure out why and maybe even possible solutions to this problem. I read about this guy name Gerard and his experience with research paper and he said that researching without knowing explicitly about a certain topic is better and I can’t agree more. If I don’t know much about a certain topic andI have to write a research paper on it, I feel like not knowing much would eliminate my bias much more than if I knew the topic. So to get myself started with the research I had to ask myself a question. A question that would really guide me through this research and I came up with, “Why are so many military veterans becoming homeless and facing poverty once they return from serving the country?” I know it’s a very simple question but I feel like it’s a strong one. With this as my guidelines, I’ll be researching through the web and I want to find out more about PTSD that veterans face because this may be one of the problems that leads them into poverty.

Help in Need!

Hey Lance,

I haven’t talked to you for a while. I’m currently in my room thinking of my next research paper and I need your help buddy. The topic has to be exigent and I definitely don’t want to be bored writing a long paper on it. I have thought about what I was going to write about but I just can’t come to think of a good one. I was thinking maybe we can brainstorm and think of things we have done and things that have happened to us and relate to it so I can be enthusiastic and passionate about this essay. You need to hurry up to college buddy so you can experience writing 6 page papers. If you thought writing a 2 page essay on a book was hard, you’ll be surprised because I wrote a 5 page paper on a little memo book with expenses on it. It’s a bit of work but it feels great when you get it done and see a good grade. Anyways, I need you to start thinking of some ideas so I can layout my paper because I’m trying to start early so I don’t procrastinate the night before. Like I said, I prefer some topic that we have experienced so writing this paper doesn’t get boring. Thanks buddy.