Minor Assignment 1 Revision

This particular assignment taught me how to compare two different texts. The “Power of Hello” was different from the “Student Code,” but in a way gave off a similar idea that people belong somewhere whether that may be a school or out in society. Since this was the first critical reading assignment and it was emphasized that a creative title is a key part of our grade, I tried to come up with a very unique title, which turned out to be “The Relationship Between the Universe and I.” To begin, I made a pronoun mistake and a prepositional mistake. It should have been “The Relationship between the Universe and Me.” Although it seemed like a good title to me at the time as the writer, it was pointed out that it was a bit vague. Reading this critical response after some time made me realize that it really does sound too general. Therefore, I changed it to “Everyone Belongs Somewhere,” and I feel like this title seems more specific. Another thing that I learned was that in the critical response, I interchanged the word “privileges” with “rights” but they are not exactly the same thing. This helped me be aware of substitution of words that are similar.