Xuanxi Fu: Reading Discussion

Topic:  Learning Deep Translational Patient Representations (works from Dr. Tiffany Callahan)
Session Lead: Yuanxi Fu
Time: 2023-03-29, Wednesday, 11 am – 12 pm (CDT)
Location: Zoom


  1. Callahan TJ, Stefanski AL, Ostendorf DM, et al. Characterizing Patient Representations for Computational Phenotyping. medRxiv. 2022. medRxiv:22278073v1 (peer-reviewed and accepted with the American Medical Informatics Association)
  2. Callahan TJ, Stefanski AL, Wyrwa JM, et al. Ontologizing Health Systems Data at Scale: Making Translational Discovery a Reality. arXiv. 2022. arXiv:2209.04732 (accepted at Nature Digital Medicine)
  3. Callahan TJ, Tripodi IJ, Hunter LE, Baumgartner WA. A Framework for Automated Construction of Heterogeneous Large-Scale Biomedical Knowledge Graphs. bioRxiv. 2020. bioRxiv:2020.04.30.071407