Yilin Xia: Reading Discussion

Topic: Knowledge Graphs in Action: a Tour of Extensions and Real-World Applications of the Vadalog System (works from Dr. Emanuel Sallinger)
Session Lead: Yilin Xia
Time: 2023-02-22, Wednesday, 11 am – 12 pm (CDT)
Location: Zoom


  1. Luigi Bellomarini, Emanuel Sallinger, Georg Gottlob: The Vadalog System: Datalog-based Reasoning for Knowledge Graphs. Proc. VLDB Endow. 11(9): 975-987 (2018)
  2. Luigi Bellomarini, Lorenzo Bencivelli, Claudia Biancotti, Livia Blasi, Francesco Paolo Conteduca, Andrea Gentili, Rosario Laurendi, Davide Magnanimi, Michele Savini Zangrandi, Flavia Tonelli, Stefano Ceri, Davide Benedetto, Markus Nissl, Emanuel Sallinger: Reasoning on company takeovers: From tactic to strategy. Data Knowl. Eng. 141: 102073 (2022)