2023 Fall Meeting Schedule

Theme: a mixture of reading discussion and research presentation.
Schedule: Subjected to change. Check back for updates.
The most up-to-date schedule and meeting information will be distributed via the CFG mailing list.
Location: Zoom

12023/08/24No Meeting
22023/08/31No Meeting
32023/09/07Halil Kilicoglu: CIRSS Reading Discussion — Jian Tang [Recording]
42023/09/14Yilin, Bertram: Research Talk — “Game Theory and Argumentation” [Recording]
52023/09/21Yiren Liu: CIRSS Reading Discussion — Yousif Hassan [Recording]
62023/09/28Lan Li: CIRSS Reading Discussion — “Knowledge (Graphs) in the Language Model Era” — Paul Groth [Recording]
112023/11/02Liri Fang: CIRSS Reading Discussion — Dawei Zhou
122023/11/09Nigel Bosch: Research Talk — “Utilizing Machine Learning to Model Conditional Average Treatment Effects (CATEs)” [Recording]
132023/11/16Yuanxi Fu: Research Talk — “How to Construct a Body of Knowledge Grounded in Scientific Research in the Age of ChatGPT” [Recording]
142023/11/23Johannes Falk: Research Talk — “Polycontexturality
152023/11/30Tanusree Sharma: Research Talk — “Democratizing LLMs with DAO (in collaboration with OpenAI)
162023/12/07Zhongliang Zhou: Research Talk — “Protein Representation Learning