#SmallTownSaturday – Introduction

*Originally posted on June 28, 2017*

This Saturday, we are beginning our #SmallTownSaturday series!

When we think of Illinois history, we most commonly think of the Prairie State’s big cities, rife with big events: Chicago’s riots, rallies, fires, and fairs; Springfield’s Lincoln landmarks; Champaign-Urbana’s University scene. Often, we tend to overlook the equally significant cultural heritage, historical events, and notable figures of the small towns in Illinois.

Through our Small Town Saturday series, we hope to introduce you to some of the lesser known yet noteworthy stories from our state’s past while celebrating the small towns where they unfolded. From the pre-Columbian mounds at Cahokia to the first Illinois capital at Kaskaskia, the Mormon migration at Nauvoo, and the star-studded stage in Sullivan, the small towns of Illinois tell the story of a state rich with diverse culture, values, and ideas.

Every other week, we’ll draw from our extensive print and manuscript collections to find an interesting and informative small town story to feature. Join us as we explore hidden gems in historic downtowns, follow the stories that unfold along Illinois railways, and encounter unsung heroes who have contributed to the betterment of our communities and our state.

Know of a story worth sharing in a small Illinois town near you? Make your Small Town Saturday suggestion in the comments section below or send us a message via Facebook. We value your opinions and ideas!

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