NEW: A compound from the Hergenrother/Shapiro collaboration has been licensed and is advancing toward treatment of breast cancer.

Unprecedented Compound Takes a Step Toward Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer, affecting approximately 75% of breast cancer patients. In advanced and metastatic form, it is lethal, claiming the lives of nearly 350,000 individuals annually. Presently, no drug is able to eradicate these advanced tumors. […]

Watch the Big Ten Network documentary on the UIUC COVID saliva test, featuring Dr. Diana Ranoa!

Summary from YouTube: In 2020, the U.S. was in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic without any vaccines in sight. Millions of college students were left wondering when they’d be able to resume in-person instruction. Researchers from various disciplines across the University of Illinois campus decided to create a fast and inexpensive COVID-19 test in […]

Postdoctoral Positions Open in the Hergenrother Lab

There are multiple postdoctoral positions open in the Hergenrother lab, for talented scientists with expertise/interest in either chemistry or biology. Interested individuals with expertise in any of the following areas should apply: • Biochemistry• Cell biology• Cancer biology• Microbiology• Medicinal chemistry• Synthetic chemistry Projects include the following: Interested individuals with expertise in any of the […]