Compound Collection

Marvel Library – A Collection of Over 9000 Unique Compounds

History: The Marvel Storeroom was founded in 1961. It began with the donation of the personal compound collection of Professor Carl Shipp Marvel to the UIUC Chemistry Department upon his retirement in 1961. It served as a free chemical repository for valuable, but no longer needed chemicals to be shared among all members of the Department. This resource was discontinued in 2006, as the questionable quality and identity of much of the library posed a safety risk. Prior to this event, the Hergenrother group went through the Storeroom and salvaged usable compounds with interesting structures.

These compounds were added to the Marvel Library Compound Collection (MLCC), a high-throughput screening (HTS) library in a 384-well format in DMSO maintained by the Hergenrother group. All compounds synthesized by the Hergenrother group are submitted to this respository for storage and screening purposes. The MLCC also contains compounds contributed from various research groups on campus.

The compounds contained in the library are a testament to the diverse, rigorous research that has made the University of Illinois a world leader in the chemical sciences.

The Hergenrother group is eager to share this resource within the scientific community. We retain milligram to gram quantities of all compounds for more rigorous secondary testing, and are happy to part with reasonable quantities of compounds to aid in your research endeavors. We also encourage donations of characterized chemicals with interesting structures to the MLCC. With your donation, we will screen your compounds in our ever-widening array of biochemical assays. Discoveries made in this way will hopefully lead to exciting collaborations and research projects. Make that purified compound sitting in your freezer work for you!

The contents of this library are available as a structure-searchable databases in several formats:

Chemfinder Database (requires Camsoft ChemFinder, unzip and click on marvel.CFW)

SDFile (text-based database (*.sdf) that you can import into Chemfinder, MOE, etc.)

PDF (requires Adobe acrobat reader to view)