Weekly Round-Up

Life + Career Design Scholarship Applications Open:

Life + Career Design scholarships support students’ experiences in professional work with the goal of advancing their career readiness. The scholarships support students’ living and/or other expenses related to engaging in an unpaid or underpaid internship, undergraduate research experience, extended volunteer experience, or possibly even a part-time job. Priority deadline is Sunday, December 20. For more information, visit https://las.illinois.edu/lifecareerdesign/scholarships.

Virtual International Internships and Research Opportunities Available for Spring:

LAS International Programs is offering virtual opportunities for students to engage in global learning this spring. These opportunities include internationally focused research projects, internships with international organizations, and online global courses. Visit the Virtual Global Experiences website and schedule an appointment with LAS International Programs advisors to learn more.

Casting Call: “The College Tour” TV Series:

Illinois is partnering with the producers of “Survivor“ to create an episode of their new TV series for Amazon Prime: “The College Tour.” Do you have an inspiring story to share about your time at Illinois? If so, fill out the application form by Monday, Dec. 7. If you know a student that fits this description, please nominate them by Wednesday, Dec. 2. Application deadline is Monday, Dec. 7.

Study Spaces Available:

Beginning Monday, Nov. 30, classrooms will be available for students who need a location to participate in an online class or to study. These campus classrooms will be open for study space 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday:

  • Bevier Hall – Rooms 108, 132, 166, 180
  • Everitt Lab – Rooms 1302, 1306, 2101, 2233, 2310, 3217
  • Lincoln Hall – Rooms 1000, 1002, 1022, 1027, 1028, 1060, 1090, 1092
  • Noyes Lab – Rooms 100, 157, 217
  • Engineering Hall – Rooms 106B1, 106B3 *closed weekends
Reserve a Seat for Finals:

Staying on campus for finals? Want a quiet setting with good wifi to take your online exam? The Office of the Registrar is reserving seats for students to take their finals in Lincoln Hall Theater for all exam timeslots. Make your reservation here.

Spring Application Open Secondary Education Minor:

The Spring application for Secondary Education Minor is now open and will close February 1st. If you are a Sophomore who has completed all the pre-reqs for applying and have above a 2.5 in all GPAs, you should apply at this time.

The application can be found  here: https://education.illinois.edu/programs/information-for/ui-students-applying-to-the-minor

For questions and concerns, please set up a meeting with Amanda Heinsman, Academic Advisor to Secondary Education Minors, using this link Appointments for Secondary Education Advising – Online scheduling (oncehub.com). Also, Amanda will be happy to help with application essays if you would like someone to look over them.

Illinois Undergraduate Research Ambassadors Program (IURA):

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is looking for motivated and personable first- and second-year undergraduates who are excited to introduce and support peers through the Illinois research experience. If you have participated in a research project, be it through coursework, assisting faculty, research staff, or graduate students, or conducting a project of your own, you can become an Illinois Undergraduate Research Ambassador and help other students along their research journeys.  Ideal candidates should demonstrate at least one semester (or 1 full summer semester) of engagement in research/creative inquiry and exhibit excellent communication skills. Such candidates should be reliable, organized, personable, and respectful.

How do you know if you have research experience? You probably have experience if you have:  

  • Conducted research as part of laboratory or team
  • Participated in a research-based course (e.g., research methods)
  • Participated in a research program (e.g., URAP, IPRH Bio-Humanities, Ethnography of the University Initiative)
  • Are currently pursuing a thesis, capstone project, or independent study
  • Under the supervision of a graduate student, faculty, or research staff member:
    • Conducted lab work
    • Conducted literature reviews
    • Conducted textual analysis of different literature
    • Analyzed primary sources
    • Conducted interviews, surveys, focus groups
    • Wrote or produced a story based on some of the previous steps

Apply Now!

If you are interested but unsure that you have research/creative inquiry experience, reach out to us! The actual practice of research/creative inquiry varies across disciplines. We can help you figure it out if the IURA Program is right for you!

Exciting Course on techno-cultural innovation and design, Spring 2021:

Want to learn how communities contribute to world-changing innovations?  IS266, (Community Innovation: From Accessible Design to Supercomputing Cultures) explores how interdisciplinary communities and globally-changing local innovations from Illinois were critical to fostering new social and technical practices. This course is open to all and there are no Prerequisites. Register for Spring 2020 here!

Dates and Deadlines:

Priority registration for Spring 2021 begins
(Updated) Monday, Nov. 30

Instruction ends
Wednesday, Dec. 9

Open registration for Spring 2021 begins
Thursday, Dec. 10

Reading Day
Thursday, Dec. 10

Final examinations
Dec. 11-18

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