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Prior to this week’s session with Jeff Smith, I had downloaded the Fusion 360 Software and begun experimenting with the various settings by following the Absolute Beginner Videos created for Fusion 360. When I first started using the software I was having some difficulties trying to follow the videos, as I did not have much experience with design and creating products through a technological format. However, I was eager to develop more skills during class and build a better understanding of the software as well as the company, Autodesk, itself.

Learning about Jeff’s experiences after college was incredibly insightful. Though he had very positive moments he still went through hard struggles, however, those struggles had helped him realize the strong connections he had unknowingly built and the skills that he had developed from being on the work force for so many years. With all his skills, Autodesk had found him to be incredibly competent in a position with them and he acquired this opportunity because Autodesk was once his client. Though he went into Autodesk, he had no knowledge of the software he would be teaching to college students. Now hearing how he has excelled in Fusion 360 only brings a light into my learning abilities, I could achieve the skills he has in using Fusion 360 for any future projects and creation of products or services. As Jeff spoke about Fusion 360, I was wondering what the intention of Autodesk providing free software for students were. Sure, we were a good group of individuals that would be able to learn the software quickly, but what the ultimate motivation for them to do so. Jeff had explained that the commercial companies that acquired Autodesk software’s required them to teach college students because they needed to be sure there were individuals that would be able to use these products to create innovations.

Fusion 360 has provided a way for designers to design products or services from what took hours to only a couple of minutes. We are all eligible to work on live versions of models, making it possible to bring designs to life. The software is allowing creativity to becomes designs within minutes. Furthermore, the software does not force the designer to be in a certain location but could design in the safety of one’s own home and still be able to collaborate with others. Through Jeff’s initial training of Fusion 360, I was able to have a grasp of the tools that were a part of the software. It’s amazing how powerful the tools are compared to other software’s that would require three moves; Fusion 360 would only require one. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of being able to have a hands-on learning of this new software, and I hope to be able to keep creating through this method.

Here is a model of a perfume bottle created through Fusion 360.

5 thoughts on “Fusing Fusion 360

  1. Hi Charlene,

    I can relate to how you felt inspired to learn how to use Fusion 360 by Jeff Smith.
    Jeff’s story tells us that we can end up anywhere really and that with enough time and dedication anyone can become an expert in CAD modelling and in Fusion 360. Also Your models really showed the possible applications with your unique models that included rendering and the complex curves using the sculpt feature. If you want to take your skills further you could watch more fusion youtube tutorial videos like the one below:
    Youd be a master at it in no time. Good luck learning more about making and CAD!

  2. Hi Charlene,

    I was also fairly frustrated with beginning the Fusion 360 video. While completing the part I was always rewinding on the video to see exactly what the man in the video clicked or pressed to get to the point he was in the video. I really liked how you were able to talk about Jeff’s story and relate his experience with learning Fusion 360 to the journey which we are about to venture into. With how much you thought you struggled with Fusion 360, I think that you’ve mads absolutely wonderful designs. your two component perfume design looks great! Just keep practicing and keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Charlene,

    Great post, and I think we share very similar sentiments on the Fusion 360 as a form of design software. I, too, initially struggled to keep up with the videos and materialize the models from my imagination. Like you, I took solace in Jeff Smith’s story, as he encountered numerous difficulties yet still showed a genuine passion for this field. I enjoyed viewing the pictures of all the components that you created as well!

  4. Hey Charlene,

    Like you I found Jeff’s talk to be super informative! I too wondered why AutoDesk would give such great software away for free to students. Jeff certainly explained that point well and I totally agree with AutoDesk’s whole mission to provide us with the tools to make and create. I especially loved his virtual tour of Pier 9 which was just made so employees at AutoDesk could make more awesome things!

    I as well hope that this software is also super useful with the creation of our team’s prototype!

    Ian Szetho

  5. Hi Charlene,

    i agree with you that learning how to use Fusion 360 can be challenging but it can also be fun to play around with, and it’s awesome when you finally figure out how to use a tool properly. I liked the Jeff really gave us a good introduction into the design realm and spoke a bit about how we should use these skills and resources to our advantage. Based on your pictures it looks like you’re starting to get the hang of Fusion 360, I’m looking forward to seeing how we design our products!

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