Race Cards


I‘ve been told couple of times by many people that I sound super Asian. Growing up where there’s not a lot of Asians was really hard for me because I was always the victim of everyone. People told me countless of times that I sound super Asian, and I really get that because my English sucks. I really don’t understand is why they have to put me out in the spot in front of everyone. Like in the Article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”, there’s this quote “I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group” (McIntosh). This quote really stood out for me when I first saw it because every race is important, and no one should think their race is dominance over any other race because all lives are important. Skin colors shouldn’t affect anyone for who they are because even if the person is white doesn’t mean that they are racist, or just because the person is Asian doesn’t mean that she’s really good at math. Nothing should affect us for who we are because everyone is equal.