Artist’s Statement


Throughout the course of this class was a very fun experience class to me because I was able to improve my writing skills, and learn some great tips. I actually enjoyed being in Rhet 101 because students were able to engage with each other on compass if they ever had questions. Also, we were able to have a one on one conversation with our professor, and that was really helpful because I was able to ask her questions that I couldn’t ask her during class. Since my major is Biology (pre-med), English is very important to me because I want to be an internist and internist require you to talk with your patients, and go in-depth with them about their health issue. Also, you have to write a report on it thoroughly about their health issue, so having to be in a Rhetoric class really helped me to improve my writing skills. Even though the time management was a really hard issue for me because of all my science classes that I have to take, I was still able to get my work on time. I was able to get my work on time because I’m not a type of person who likes to go outside during the weekend. I love staying at the Grainger library and finish my homework, and enjoy my time later. There are times when I just feel so much stressed, but when that happens I just play a game. What I learned from being in a Rhetoric class was that you should trust your own work. People shouldn’t write a paper without trusting their own work because if you don’t trust in your own work then who will? I trust my own work because this is what I believe in, and it’s what I wrote about. What I discovered from writing was that listening to classical music helped me concentrate. Listening to classical music helped me because whenever I listen to classical music it calms my heart, and my brain and my head just flows with ideas and it makes me want to write more. Thanks to my professor I’m able to move up a step on my writing skill, and keep learning to improve it. đŸ™‚