Welcome to My e-Portfolio!~


Hi guys! My name is Laura Kim and this is my first year in University of Illinois. I am a type of person who loves to drink Starbucks before coming to class. I love Starbucks, so I call it Starbae. I love how my Rhet class is close to the Illini Union because I’m able to go to Starbucks before class. I love my time at University of Illinois because there are many amazing people here. Even though there aren’t that much things to do around here, I love how I’m able to make a lot of friends, and able to hangout with them. During my time in Rhet class made me improve my writing skills to be more proficient. This class was much needed to me because we use English everyday in our daily life, and writing is very important to us. Thanks to my amazing Professor, I was able to improve my writing skills, and fix my mistakes for future purpose.


I’m from South Korea, and I came to America when I was 7 years old. When I first came to America I had no idea how to speak English. I remember my first time in my primary school I couldn’t make friends with others because I didn’t know how to communicate with others. Since most of the kids first language was English they were really ahead of me, but that didn’t stop me from learning English. Thanks to my ESL teacher for being able to teach me English, I was able to communicate with other kids, and make a lot of friends. Rhett 101 taught me the same lesson as my ESL teacher because I was able to develop my writing skills this semester, and learn from my mistake. 🙂


I have a dog name Dubu, which means tofu in English. He’s just 1 years old, and he loves to eat flowers whenever he sees it. He’s a very playful dog, and he loves to eat banana. Funny thing is that he loves to eat bananas more than his treats.


This is my all time favorite game I love to play with my boyfriend whenever we take a rest from studying. There are pro and cons to this game because whenever I lose I tend to get more upset, but whenever I win I get super happy. I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I am happy that I started to play this game because this is my stress reliever. If anyone who wants to play with me can hit me up any time because my username is bxnii.


Most people call me a grill, which means girl gamer. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is my second favorite game I love to play whenever I’m stressed. Whenever I play these games I tend to be more calm later on.


This is all you have to know about me ~~~