Party Plank

The Platform Party that I will be researching for this paper is how Democratic feels about gun control. In society right now, guns are getting way out of control. In a way, there are many shootings, wars, and terrorist attacks. I chose Democratic because they are all about making the Nation better and this made me want to see how they feel about gun controls. In the Second Amendment, Democratic wrote, “We will protect Americans’ Second Amendment right to own firearms, and we will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists by fighting gun crime, reauthorizing the assault weapons ban, and closing the gun show loophole, as President Bush proposed and failed to do” (Party Platform). This got me really interested about guns. In a short interview, Gerard didn’t know what he wanted to write about either and he said, “I believe in write what you really want to find out about” (Tascone). I was debating in which I wanted to write more about Republicans or Democratic how they feel about gun controls. Reading both articles,  it rang to me that I wanted to learn more about Democratic side about gun controls. This might affect my research by learning more about gun control and people disagreeing or agreeing with me. Some people are all in for guns for protection, and some people aren’t. I can persuade others about gun controls and why I believe that guns should be illegal. Therefore, for this Platform paper, I want to write about how Democratic feels about gun controls.

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