– Start with Fashion models

Life is vibrant, and unique.  Life is known as a fashion show because fashion shows have models cat walking in the runway to show off different styles and the unique color clothing similar to humans. Humans are all different, and unique in one way. In a fashion show, you need models to show off different clothing to show different vibrants. These models walk the runway with the clothing they were chosen to wear to show how the clothing should be represented. My life is similar to a fashion show because obviously everyone is different and clothes that the models wear on the runway show the differences of everyone. Clothes are different and unique and it represent who you are, such as you can look sassy, punk, cute, or classy. Life is a fashion show because life is your own runway. My life is like a fashion show because everyday we see different people with different styles, and it brings out vibrant. Even though everyone is different it still shows that every lives matter and that everyone can walk in a runway.