Reflections of My Revision

What I’ve learned through writing these assignments is that I should work on my title and making it much more creative. When it comes to writing, I’m not a type of person who’s fond of title, but most English teachers/professors are. To improve my title, I should start visualizing more and start to be more creative with it. I think if I were to fix that, then my title would look creative, which would allow the readers to read it more. Professor Hays gave me great comments on how I should be more clear with my title, so I will take that comment greatly and learn from my mistake. I also had a problem with my organization because when it came to end, I just ended my essay, while I could have gone into great depth into my essay and explained more about me. Now that I know my mistake in my organization, I should organize my paper more, and go in more in-depth with my writing. Even though my grammar was neutral, I know that I still struggle with it, and I want to try to improve it more. I read Professor Hays comment about my grammar and style, and I noticed that I should stop repeating myself and phrases that gives a dull. I know from my mistake now that I can start to improve my title, grammar/style, and my organization more to make my essay better. Thanks to Professor Hays comment I was able to realize my mistakes and not make the same mistakes again; try to improve from it. If I were to revise these papers, such as my critical responses and my first essay then I would try to be more creative with my writing a little bit more, and try to go more in-depth with them, but not too in-depth to a point where a reader would lose focus.