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Education Majors CAN Study Abroad!


What if we told you that not only is it possible to study abroad as a pre-teaching or education student, but that doing so could be CRUCIAL to your professional development as a future teacher? If you were already thinking about studying abroad, this is your excuse—and if you haven’t thought about it before, you should start now!  The earlier you start planning (freshmen, this time is golden!), the more options you have.  

Come Monday, November 5th to the Education Building, Room 2 from 4-5 to learn about why YOU should go abroad as a future teacher and tips on how to do it while working towards your certification.  The presentation will be given by two education students (who have studied abroad for a semester and work at the Study Abroad Office) as well as Adva Waranyuwat, Director of Secondary Education.  What are you waiting for—this could change your life!

AGED 260; Minor in Leadership Studies

AGED 260 Intro to Leadership Studies
**New format—more seats**
Due to significant demand, AGED 260 will now be offered in large lecture/discussion breakout format starting this spring 2013. We have opened up 90 additional seatsand will continue to offer the course spring and fall semesters.  The course is offered this spring on MW 9:00-9:50am with discussion sections at varied times R/F.  There are 180 spots available, 80% of these are unrestricted and the rest are restricted to Leadership Studies Minor or Agricultural Education major students.
Minor in Leadership Studies
There are ~130 students actively pursuing this minor.  With this quick growth, we are working hard to expand capacity in the required courses and are in the process of vetting a few new elective courses with extra capacity for these students.
If you advise students who are planning on pursuing the minor, please have them contact me or complete the Minor Declaration form and drop it by 128 Mumford Hall, the ACES Academic Programs office.  It is very helpful to have the clearest idea possible of just how many students are working toward this minor so that we can meet the demand for all courses. Thank you.
Lisa Burgoon, MS, EdM
Program Coordinator, Minor in Leadership Studies

ECON class update

I would like to update everyone on a few ECON classes:
New online course offering for Spring 2013- Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 103–CRN:  59090) is now being offered completely online for a limited number of students in the Spring of 2013. Same instructor as the face-to-face class, same material coverage, but with the convenience of learning on the student’s schedule. Second 8 weeks course. Only allowing 50 students to enroll. First come, first served. 
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 303) will no longer have a restriction to majors.  Non-major students will be able to sign-up for this class similar to the other ECON 300/400 level classes; restrictions will be lifted following the primary registration period, this semester they will open on Nov. 19th.
Economics at Illinois (ECON 198) will be the one class restricted to majors and will be offered for the first time this Spring (and every Fall and Spring semester).  Students who began Fall 2010 or after are required to take this class. 
The requirements to transfer into Economics remain the same.

Spanish Major/Minor

I’m sure you are aware it is even more possible to double major since now the Gen Eds. take up even less of the 120 hours to graduate. If a student does well in Spanish and enjoys studying the language, it just makes sense to add it as a second major. Please encourage your students to attend the Spanish Major Information meeting today at 4:00 in the Lucy Ellis Lounge of FLB.  Additionally, our SIP Year Abroad in Barcelona Program also makes is easy to complete the bulk of the major in one year abroad. We will have information meetings for that on October 30 at 4:00 and Nov. 6 at 5:00. Both are in the Lucy Ellis Lounge. Students interested in either of these two things can also send an e-mail to me requesting information.
For those who are not in LAS, there is one more Spanish Minor Information meeting this semester on November 13 at 5:00 in the Lucy Ellis Lounge of FLB.  Please let students know who might be interested. Students can send an e-mail requesting information about the minor if they cannot make the meeting or they can wait until next semester when meetings will resume.
The date the Major restriction will be lifted for all Spanish courses above the 100 level is November 30 at 9 AM. Please tell students they will always find this date within the details section of the course description.
Beth Chasco
Undergraduate Spanish Advisor
4004 FLB MC-176
Walk-in hours posted weekly on:

NCSA Opportunities for undergraduates

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications

supports large scale computing in various disciplines and also has in-house research areas such as health sciences, bioinformatics, astronomy, and atmospheric sciences which can benefit from large scale data analysis.

Ian Brooks, who runs the Health Sciences Group currently has a Computer Assistant hourly position available

While the primary focus is computer programming and the job only requires basic data analysis and visualization, he tells me having more advanced data analytic experience would be a nice plus. So if you have the computer skills he’s looking for and you are looking for hourly work, this is an opportunity worth considering.

He also tells me that there would be opportunities for a student interested in data exploration (in the public health realm) to do that in his group. They have data from sources including medical visits, weather, school attendance, and vet/med sources and are interested in extracting useful information for public health purposes. Currently this exploratory research would be unpaid and the compensation for these analyses would be shared publication credit, but it would be a good resume builder for anyone who is interested.

You can contact Ian directly at about the hourly position or potential exploratory research. There may be future opportunities in his group or other groups in NCSA as well.

I also wanted to make a quick plug for the Virtual Job Board

for students who are looking for work at or near the university and who may not have been aware of the board.

Darren Glosemeyer
Department of Statistics
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Financial Planning Club November Events!

Interested in Wealth Management?
All are welcome at FPC meetings!
Upcoming Events
·         HAPPY HOUR
o   Thursday, November 1st at Firehaus from 5-6:30PM
·         Speed Networking
o   Practice elevator speeches, interview questions, and review resumes 
o   Thursday, November 8th in 426 Mumford Hall from 6-7PM   
·         Portfolio Manager Forum
o   Feature 3 portfolio managers from Kovitz Investment Group, Midland States Bank
o   Thursday, November 29th from 3-5PM in the Monsanto Room (bottom floor of the ACES Library)


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Application located here: Click “Apply Online”
Don’t miss this opportunity to study international agribusiness supply chains by experiencing them first-hand in Brazil!  This program is open to ALL majors!
The program has three components: a course in the spring semester of 2013, a two-week study tour to Brazil from May 11-25, 2013 and a final presentation in the fall of 2013.
The 2013 IBIP program will be headed to Brazil, May 11-25, 2013. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors graduating in December 2013 are encouraged to apply. May 2013 graduating Seniors will not be considered.
The program is housed in the College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, and is cross-listed in the College of Business (ACE/BADM 436) and works closely with many of the Title VI Cultural Centers as well as CIBER, Center for International Business Education and Research.
The program requires a $1,900 course fee, to be paid in three installments. Students are also responsible for airfare. Students are encouraged to apply for internal IBIP scholarship support after having been admitted to the program. In addition, students should apply for the study abroad funds that the colleges offer.
During the spring semester, the course will focus on international business in Brazil. Students will become experts in one particular industry from a comparative perspective, working in teams. During the study tour, we will visit multinational companies, regulators, farmers, and local companies.  The course ends with a 6-week project in the fall of 2013 wherein which students will work in teams to produce a research movie using iMovie technology.  This fall semester short course is taught by a CITES eLearning professional.
For more information contact Jessa Barnard at or Lynnea Johnson at and check  out former student experiences at