Education Majors CAN Study Abroad!


What if we told you that not only is it possible to study abroad as a pre-teaching or education student, but that doing so could be CRUCIAL to your professional development as a future teacher? If you were already thinking about studying abroad, this is your excuse—and if you haven’t thought about it before, you should start now!  The earlier you start planning (freshmen, this time is golden!), the more options you have.  

Come Monday, November 5th to the Education Building, Room 2 from 4-5 to learn about why YOU should go abroad as a future teacher and tips on how to do it while working towards your certification.  The presentation will be given by two education students (who have studied abroad for a semester and work at the Study Abroad Office) as well as Adva Waranyuwat, Director of Secondary Education.  What are you waiting for—this could change your life!