AGED 260; Minor in Leadership Studies

AGED 260 Intro to Leadership Studies
**New format—more seats**
Due to significant demand, AGED 260 will now be offered in large lecture/discussion breakout format starting this spring 2013. We have opened up 90 additional seatsand will continue to offer the course spring and fall semesters.  The course is offered this spring on MW 9:00-9:50am with discussion sections at varied times R/F.  There are 180 spots available, 80% of these are unrestricted and the rest are restricted to Leadership Studies Minor or Agricultural Education major students.
Minor in Leadership Studies
There are ~130 students actively pursuing this minor.  With this quick growth, we are working hard to expand capacity in the required courses and are in the process of vetting a few new elective courses with extra capacity for these students.
If you advise students who are planning on pursuing the minor, please have them contact me or complete the Minor Declaration form and drop it by 128 Mumford Hall, the ACES Academic Programs office.  It is very helpful to have the clearest idea possible of just how many students are working toward this minor so that we can meet the demand for all courses. Thank you.
Lisa Burgoon, MS, EdM
Program Coordinator, Minor in Leadership Studies