Spanish Major/Minor

I’m sure you are aware it is even more possible to double major since now the Gen Eds. take up even less of the 120 hours to graduate. If a student does well in Spanish and enjoys studying the language, it just makes sense to add it as a second major. Please encourage your students to attend the Spanish Major Information meeting today at 4:00 in the Lucy Ellis Lounge of FLB.  Additionally, our SIP Year Abroad in Barcelona Program also makes is easy to complete the bulk of the major in one year abroad. We will have information meetings for that on October 30 at 4:00 and Nov. 6 at 5:00. Both are in the Lucy Ellis Lounge. Students interested in either of these two things can also send an e-mail to me requesting information.
For those who are not in LAS, there is one more Spanish Minor Information meeting this semester on November 13 at 5:00 in the Lucy Ellis Lounge of FLB.  Please let students know who might be interested. Students can send an e-mail requesting information about the minor if they cannot make the meeting or they can wait until next semester when meetings will resume.
The date the Major restriction will be lifted for all Spanish courses above the 100 level is November 30 at 9 AM. Please tell students they will always find this date within the details section of the course description.
Beth Chasco
Undergraduate Spanish Advisor
4004 FLB MC-176
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