ECON class update

I would like to update everyone on a few ECON classes:
New online course offering for Spring 2013- Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 103–CRN:  59090) is now being offered completely online for a limited number of students in the Spring of 2013. Same instructor as the face-to-face class, same material coverage, but with the convenience of learning on the student’s schedule. Second 8 weeks course. Only allowing 50 students to enroll. First come, first served. 
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 303) will no longer have a restriction to majors.  Non-major students will be able to sign-up for this class similar to the other ECON 300/400 level classes; restrictions will be lifted following the primary registration period, this semester they will open on Nov. 19th.
Economics at Illinois (ECON 198) will be the one class restricted to majors and will be offered for the first time this Spring (and every Fall and Spring semester).  Students who began Fall 2010 or after are required to take this class. 
The requirements to transfer into Economics remain the same.