The University of Illinois Pre-Vet Club is designed to give students information on different fields of Veterinary Medicine and other animal-related careers. We invite speakers to come to our meetings and talk about their careers and the opportunities it has offered them. Some of the speakers include equine veterinarians, chiropractors, wildlife veterinarians, researchers, specialists, veterinary students, the Dean of Admissions of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and more. Visit our Meeting Minute on our website for highlights of what the guest speakers have covered during our meetings as well as club updates.

We also attend the annual APVMA symposium for pre-vet students around the nation, do fundraising by working at the Illini football and basketball games, visit zoos, volunteer at the U of I Vet School, and provide many wet labs with veterinarians such as avian radiology. Check back often for our list of current events and scheduled meetings.

If you are considering veterinary medicine as a career path, then Pre-Vet Club is a fun and useful resource to help provide you with the information you need to achieve your goal of being accepted to vet school.

VMCAS is now open! Good luck to everyone applying!


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