This year’s symposium will be at North Carolina State University.

About the APVMA Symposium

  • Open to all who are interested and enrolled in a college or university
  • Committed to involve pre-veterinary track students with the veterinary community and to help members build a network to those involved in a veterinary profession
  • The school will host approximately 500-600 students and faculty
  • Attend a variety of lectures and a wet lab
  • Meet other pre-vet students from ~70 other schools around the country
  • $125-160 registration fee (estimated based on the 2016 fee)

Each year, the university of Illinois takes a group of students to the APVMA symposium.


University of Illinois Pre-veterinary club members at the 2016 APVMA Symposium at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

Please direct all questions about our trip to our programs coordinators Caitlin Sanders or Ashton Townsley.