VMCAS help

The VMCAS can be overwhelming at first. If you start early and set a schedule, filling out the application will be easier to complete.

What to do if you’re an underclassman

  • start a list of your experiences with approx hours per week and total, a short description of what you did, and who you worked with
  • organize a document with all of the classes you have taken for each semester
  • get lots of experience in a variety of areas (small, large, wildlife, research, exotics)
  • get to know a few professors and a least one veterinarian (recommendation letter)
  • focus on grades
  • take a GRE prep class/study for GRE

What to do if you’re an upperclassman

  • research your schools closely (The cube has brochures on most veterinary schools)
  • start early and create a schedule
  • take GRE (allow time to take it multiple times)
  • check deadlines
  • check requirements for courses (ex: Iowa doesn’t accept MCB 100/101)
  • get your personal statement edited with the career center
  • have a mock interview at the career center

What to remember while filling out application

What are evaluators looking for?

  • have experience working with a variety of animal species
  • be familiar with the veterinary medical profession;  be community minded and have demonstrated leadership abilities
  • be an effective communicator
  • have developed time and stress management skills
  • be sincerely motivated
  • have realistically evaluated their plans for financing their education since demands of the professional curriculum usually preclude part-time employment during school sessions

Remember Deadline!

Edit, Edit, Edit!



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Sample Application 2014

Various Current Vet students have donated their personal statements and supplemental essay. They are located below.

Sample Univ of Illinois Supplemental

VMCAS Personal Statement Sample A

VMCAS Personal Statement Sample B

VMCAS personal Statement Sample C