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US Expertise Can Resolve Food Wastage Issues

US Congressman Ami Bera advocates for collaboration between the US and India on postharvest loss issues. Bera worked towards a MOU when recently in Delhi, focused on bringing US expertise to India on how to better manage, store, and move food to market. http://ht.ly/oqaQN


Nearly 20 Percent of Chinese Grain Wasted From Farm to Fork

A report by the American Chemical Society says that 19 of every 100 pounds of grain produced in China is wasted before reaching its intended end. Consumer waste accounts for the highest portion, says the report, at 7%. http://www.foodengineeringmag.com/articles/91152-nearly-20-percent-of-chinese-grain-wasted-from-farm-to-fork


Sustainable Prevention of Postharvest Loss

by Steve Sonka When it comes to preventing postharvest loss, we know certain things.  We know that reliable data is lacking, and that measurement is key to overcoming the data impediment.  We also know that historically, data has been too expensive to gather, although with 21st century technology there is opportunity for innovation that can […]


17,000 Tonnes of Grain Wasted in 3 Years

A Times of India report states that at least 17,546 tonnes of foodgrains were damaged between 2009-10 and July 2012 in Food Corporation of India godowns. The total food loss of foodgrains, fruits, and vegetables equates to nearly $7 billion per year, estimated to be able to feed 70 million Indians. http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-08-26/news/41455227_1_storage-capacity-foodgrain-tonnes  


Save Food Campaign Asia-Pacific Kicked Off

On August 27th, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative Hiroyuki Konuma launched a new initiative aimed to curb food loss and food waste in the Asia-Pacific region. The campaign began with a two day High-Level Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on Food Loss and Food Waste, which will study causes and report suggestions for action steps. http://www.trust.org/item/20130828104350-qadil/  


ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss: Measurement and Technology Development Videos

The ADM Institute published a blog post on the AgriLinks Knowledge-Driven International Development (KDID) site about the benefits and obstacles of conducting international research on measurement and technology development. Three researcher videos were highlighted as well. http://agrilinks.kdid.org/blog/adm-institute-prevention-postharvest-loss-measurement-and-technology-development-videos

A smallholder farmer in Africa watches a SAWBO instructional video on his mobile phone. Credit: ADM Institute/Barry Pittendrigh.

Innovation in Measurement: Perspective and Practice

by Steve Sonka Growing up on an Iowa dairy farm, I was introduced to the need to measure, even if informally, at an early age.  In those days, we had to carry the (hopefully full) bucket of milk from the cow to the can where we collected the milk.  Doing that, it was fairly easy […]

Rice spilling from jute bags in a processing facility near Chennai, India © ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss

Food Security, Postharvest Loss, and Henry Kissinger

by Steve Sonka The issue of global food security has recently reemerged as an important societal concern.  Factors such as the prospect of needing to feed an additional two billion people in the next two or three decades, the presence today of nearly 870 million people who are chronically hungry, and the recent social unrest […]


Asia Works on Regional Rice Stragey to Address Changing Conditions

Rice exports from Asia continue to increase in line with demand from markets in Africa and the Middle East. The FAO, in collaboration with the World Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank, will develop a regional strategy that addresses production efficiency, postharvest losses, trade patterns, nutrition, and eating habits, among other topics. The report […]


Food Security Strategies Need to Focus on Demand

Public debate over the future of food security has spiked as comments made by Tesco CEO Philip Clarke and UK Global Food Security programme Professor Tim Benton raise concerns over availability and affordability of food in coming decades. This post echoes the message of Benton and others that food waste and food loss must be […]