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Latest announcements:

Four new papers to be presented at ISIT 2017
(on topics ranging from minimax rank aggregation to
reconstructing sequences from short and long traces)!

New paper on rank aggregation presented at AISTATS,
Rank Aggregation with Lehmer Codes.

New paper on repairing Reed-Solomon codes.

NIH BD2K Meeting, NSF CSoI review talk.

New Infocom 2017 paper on motif (hypergraph) clustering.

New patents (UIUC2015-164-02(US)) filed for DNA-Based Storage Architectures.

Two presentations at CSHL by Minji and Vida.

ICLM 2016 Paper on Correlation Clustering.

Best Student Paper Award of the IEEE Data Storage Technical Committee (DSTC) for work on flash memories (Congrats, Farzad!)

Keynote talk at the IARPA/SRC Workshop on DNA-based Massive Information Storage.

Invited talk at the Bell Labs Shannon Centennial.

Pan gave his first talk at a bioinformatics conference (RECOMB 2016)!

Talk at ENSEA, Cergy-Pontoise, Paris

Talk at the NEXUS Central Workshop.

MIT LIDS Student Conference Keynote talk on DNA-Based Storage.

New "Voices" piece for the journal Cell.

Our work on DNA-based storage featured in the New York Times: Data Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries.

Two new NSF grants on Rank Aggregation and Data Deduplication.

NIH BD2K Grant Awarded to our group for work on genomic data compression!

DNA Storage paper presented at DNA21, Boston, 2015.

ISIT 2015 semi-plenary session talk.

Joined the Big Data SPS working group.

Two papers at Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Genomic (Big) Data Processing, November 2014.
Minji gave a great oral presentation!

ICASSP 2015 Tutorial on "Genomic Data Processing: From Compression to Knowledge Mining" accepted for presentation.

New Results

New paper on hypergraph clustering and overlapping clustering.

New work on DNA-based data storage: Making the system portable (MinION)!

New paper on codes in the Damerau distance.

Upcoming journal papers on Boolean Intersection Models,
Doubly-Threshold Graphs, Mutually Uncorrelated and Codes in the Damerau Distance!

Doubly Threshold Graphs for Social Network
Modeling (submitted)

C^3 - Correlation Clustering for Cancer Driver Community Discovery (Joint work with J. Ma's group, CMU)
See Journal Papers for link

Paper at Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW2016) on DNA-Based Storage

Correlation Clustering and Biclustering with Locally Bounded Errors (submitted)

Latent Feature Discovery and Co-Intersection Representations of Graphs (overlapping community detection with a twist, ISIT 2016)

Codes in the Damerau Distance
(codes correcting deletions and adjacent transpositions, ISIT 2016)

Balanced Permutation Codes
(collections of codewords with tightly controlled sub word averages, ISIT 2016)

Weakly Mutually Uncorrelated Codes
(address design for DNA-based storage, ISIT 2016)

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Distinguished Lecturer of the Information Theory Society (2015)

Dean's Excellence in Research Award (2013)

Willett Scholarship (2013)

CAS Associate (2012)

NSF Career Award (2007)

DARPA Young Faculty Award (2007)

Top-three paper award, WCMB'08, Leipzig, Germany (2008)

Runner-up for best paper award (honorable mentioning), ICC'06, Istanbul, Turkey (2006)

Rackham Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan (2001)

Best Undergraduate Thesis Award, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nis, Yugoslavia