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I stopped updating my publication list online. Please refer to the (somewhat) outdated CV, usually changed once or twice a year: cv-march-2020

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Book Chapters

73. B. Vasic, E. Kurtas, A. Kuznetsov and O. Milenkovic, Structured LDPC codes, CRC Coding and Signal Processing for Magnetic Recording, CRC Prcv-march-2019ess, Eds. B. Vasic and E. Kurtas, Chapter 38, pp. 1-21, 2004.

72. B. Vasic and O. Milenkovic, Detection for Multitrack Systems, CRC Coding and Signal Processing for Magnetic Recording, CRC Press, Eds. B. Vasic and E. Kurtas, Chapter 24, pp. 1-9, 2004.

71. O. Milenkovic, The Three Faces of DNA/RNA Sequence Hybridization, Systems Bioinformatics: An Engineering Case-Based Approach, pp. 285-313, Editors G. Alterovitz and M. Ramoni, Artech House, 2007.

70. O. Milenkovic, Data Processing and Storage in Cells: An Information-Theoretic Approach, in Advances in Information Recording, Editors P. Siegel, E. Soljanin, A. van Wijngaarden, and B. Vasic, DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 73, pp. 105-147, 2008.

Guest Editor in Chief – Introduction

69. O. Milenkovic, G. Alterovitz, G. Battail, R. Coleman, J. Hagenauer, S. Meyn, N. Price, M. Ramoni, I. Shmulevich, W. Szpankowski: Introduction to the special issue on information theory in molecular biology and neuroscience. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 56(2): 649-652 (2010)

Opinion Pieces

68. Jeffrey G. Andrews, Alexandros G. Dimakis, Lara Dolecek, Michelle Effros, Muriel Médard, Olgica Milenkovic, Andrea Montanari, Sriram Vishwanath, Edmund M. Yeh, Randall Berry, Ken R. Duffy, Soheil Feizi, Saul Kato, Manolis Kellis, Stuart Licht, Jon Sorenson, Lav R. Varshney, Haris Vikalo, “A Perspective on Future Research Directions in Information Theory,” CoRR abs/1507.05941, 2015.

Cell – Voices

67. J. Ma and O. Milenkovic, Expanding the Biology Toolkit, Cell (Invited)

Journal Papers (By Topic)

Graph Theory, Networks and Machine Learning

66. P. Li, H. Dau, G. J. Puleo, O. Milenkovic, “Weighted Hypergraph Clustering and Overlapping
Clustering with Performance Guarantees,” submitted, 2016 (preliminary version to be presented at Infocom 2017 Link).

65. H. Dau, O. Milenkovic, G. J. Puleo, “On the Triangle Clique Cover and Kt Clique Cover Problems,” Link , submitted 2017.

64. H. Dau and O. Milenkovic, “Latent Network Features and Overlapping Community Discovery via Boolean Intersection Representations,” Link , IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 25(5): 3219-3234, 2017.

63. V. Ravanmehr, G. J. Puleo, S. Bolouki, O. Milenkovic, “Doubly-Threshold Graphs for Social Network Modeling,” Link , revised 2017.

62. F. Farnoud, O. Milenkovic, G. Puleo and L. Su, “Computing Similarity Distances Between Rankings,” Link , Discrete Applied Mathematics 232: 157-175, 2017.

61. S. ElRouyhaeb, S. Goparaju, H. Kiah and O. Milenkovic, “Synchronizing Edits in Distributed Storage Networks,” Link , IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networks, October 2016.

60. G. J. Puleo, O. Milenkovic, “Community Detection via Minimax Correlation Clustering and Biclustering,” Link, submitted 2016, revised 2017.

59. G. J. Puleo and O. Milenkovic,”Correlation Clustering with Bounded Cluster Sizes and New Weight Bounds,” SIAM Journal on Optimization 25(3): 1857-1872, 2015.

58. F. Farnoud, O. Milenkovic “An Axiomatic Approach to Constructing Distances for Rank Comparison and Aggregation,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 60, no. 10, pp. 6417-6439, 2014.

57. W. Dai, O. Milenkovic, and H. V. Pham, “Structured Sublinear Compressive Sensing via Belief Propagation,” Physical Communication, Special Issue on compressive sensing in communications, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 76-90, November 2011 (online), June 2012.

56. F. Farnoud and O. Milenkovic, ”Sorting of Permutations by Cost-Constrained Transpositions,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 58(1): 3-23, 2012.

55. W. Dai, E. Kerman, and O. Milenkovic, ”A Geometric Approach to Low-Rank Matrix Completion,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 58(1): 237-247, 2012.

54. W. Dai, O. Milenkovic, and E. Kerman, ”Subspace Evolution and Transfer (SET) for Low-Rank Matrix Completion,” IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 59(7): 3120-3132, 2011.

53. W. Dai and O. Milenkovic, “A Comparative Study of Quantized Compressive Sensing Schemes,” IEEE Trans. on Communications, 59(7): 1857-1866, 2011.

52. W. Dai and O. Milenkovic, “Weighted Superimposed Codes and Constrained Integer Compressed Sensing,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 2215-2230, May 2009.

51. W. Dai and O. Milenkovic, “Subspace Pursuit for Compressive Sensing Signal Reconstruction,” IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 2230-2250, May 2009.

DNA-Based Storage

50. (New) R. Gabrys, H. M. Kiah, O. Milenkovic and H. T. Yazdi, DNA-Based Data Storage.

49. (New) S. M. Hossein Tabatabaei Yazdi, R. Gabrys, O. Milenkovic, Portable and Error-Free DNA-Based Data Storage, biorxive, Link, Nature Scientific Reports, 2017.

48. S. M. Hossein Tabatabaei Yazdi, Han Mao Kiah, Eva Ruiz Garcia, Jian Ma, Huimin Zhao, Olgica Milenkovic, DNA-Based Storage: Trends and Methods. CoRR abs/1507.01611, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications, 2016. Link

47. S. H. Tabatabaei Yazdi, Y. Yuan, J. Ma, H. Zhao, and O. Milenkovic, “A Rewritable, Random-Access DNA-Based Storage System,” Link , Nature Scientific Reports, 5, Article number: 14138, 2015. (Press coverage: RealClearScience, NYT, IEEE Spectrum, Nature etc.)

46. R. Gabrys, H. M. Kiah, and O. Milenkovic, “Asymmetric Lee Distance Codes for DNA-Based Storage,” Link, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2017.

45. H. M. Kiah, G. J. Puleo and O. Milenkovic, “Codes for DNA Sequence Profiles,” IEEE Trans. Information Theory 62(6): 3125-3146, 2016, Link .

44. C. Laure, D. Karamessini, O. Milenkovic, L. Charles, J-F. Lutz, “Coding in 2D: Using Intentional Dispersity to Enhance the Information Capacity of Sequence-Coded Polymer Barcodes,” Angewandte Chemie, August 2016. Link (Press coverage: New Scientist.)

Coding Theory

43. (New) S. M. Hossein Tabatabaei Yazdi, Han Mao Kiah, Ryan Gabrys, Olgica Milenkovic, Mutually Uncorrelated Primers for DNA-Based Data Storage. CoRR abs/1709.05214 (2017), to appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2018.

42. (New) H. Dau and O. Milenkovic, MaxMinSum Steiner Systems for Access-Balancing in Distributed Storage, Link, revised, 2017.

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38. F. Farnoud and O. Milenkovic, “Multipermutation Codes in the Ulam Metric for Nonvolatile Memories,” Journal of Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), Special Issue on Data Storage, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 32(5): 919-932, 2014 (Best Student Paper Award!).

37. F. Farnoud, V. Skachek and O. Milenkovic, “Error-Correction in Flash Memories via Codes in the Ulam Metric,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 59(5): 3003-3020, 2013.

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33. S. Laendner, T. Hehn, O. Milenkovic, and J. Huber, “The Trapping Redundancy of Linear Block Codes”, IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 53-63, January 2009.
Errata: The authors gratefully acknowledge the correction of a proof in the paper communicated by Yu Tsunoda and Yuichiro Fujiwara, which may be found at

32. T. Hehn, O. Milenkovic, S. Laendner, and J. Huber, “Permutation Decoding and the Stopping Redundancy Hierarchy of Cyclic and Extended Cyclic Codes,” IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, vol. 54, no. 12, pp. 5308-5331, December 2008.

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Group Testing

16. A. Emad and O. Milenkovic, “Code Construction and Decoding Algorithms for Semi-Quantitative Group Testing With Nonuniform Thresholds,” Link , IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 62(4): 1674-1687, 2016.

15. A. Emad and O. Milenkovic, “Poisson Group Testing: A Probabilistic Model for Boolean Compressed sensing,” Link , IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 63 (16), pp. 4396-4410, 2015.

14. A. Emad and O. Milenkovic, “Semi-Quantitative Group Testing,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol. 60, No. 8, pp. 4614-4636, August 2014.

Combinatorics and CS

13. J. Acharya, H. Das, O. Milenkovic, A. Orlitsky, S. Pan, “String Reconstruction from Substring Compositions,” Link , SIAM J. Discrete Math. 29(3): 1340-1371, 2015.

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Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biology

10. V. Ravanmehr, M. Kim, Z. Wang, O. Milenkovic, “ChIPWig: A Random Access-Enabling Lossless And Lossy Compression Method For ChIP-Seq Data,” Bioinformatics, 2017.

9. J. Hou, A. Emad, G. Puleo, J. Ma, and O. Milenkovic, “A New Correlation Clustering Method for Cancer Mutation Analysis,” Link Bioinformatics 32(24): 3717-3728, 2016.

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Communication Theory

2. N. Alic, M. Karlsson, M. Skoeld, Milenkovic, P. A. Andrekson, and S. Radic, ”Joint Statistics and MLSD in Filtered Incoherent High-Speed Fiber Optic Communications,” IEEE – OSA Journal on Lightwave Technology, vol. 28, Issue 10, pp. 1564-1572, 2010.

1. B. Vasic, O. Milenkovic, S. McLaughlin, “Scrambling for Unequiprobable Signaling,” IEE Electronics Letters, Vol. 32, No. 17, pp. 1551-1552, Aug. 1996.

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