Research Interests (short summary)

  • Analysis of Algorithms¬†
  1. Decoding algorithms
  2. Compressive sensing (CS) reconstruction algorithms
  3. Matrix completion algorithms
  4. Computer algebra and symbolic computation methods
  • Bioinformatics
  1. DNA and transcriptome compression
  2. Inference of gene regulatory networks
  3. Gene prioritization
  • Compressive Sensing/Low-Rank Matrix Completion
  1. Applications of CS/LRMC in bioinformatics (DNA microarrays, Gene networks, Synthetic Lethality)
  2. Algorithmic solutions for CS reconstruction
  3. Quantized CS
  4. CS and Coding Theory
  5. LRMC and Network Coding
  • Community Detection
  1. Correlation Clustering with Constraints and Minmax Objectives
  2. Correlation Clustering of Motifs
  3. Applications of Correlation Clustering to Cancer Genomics
  • Error-Control (Algebraic/Iterative) and Constrained Coding
  1. Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes: construction, trapping set analysis, decoding methods
  2. Codes on Permutations
  3. Constrained coding in emerging storage media
  4. Coding for DNA based storage
  • Group Testing
  1. Semi-quantitative group testing: analysis and design
  2. Poisson group testing with applications to streaming
  • Social Sciences and Voting Theory/Rank aggregation/Rank Processing
  1. Weighted distances on rankings
  2. New algorithmic approaches to rank aggregation
  3. Learning ranking distributions/compression
  4. Synchronizing rankings
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