Non-rice dishes

Non-rice-centric recipes to be discussed

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  • About dashi (soup broth)
  • Noodle soup base variations
  • Noodle variations: Ramen, soba, udon, somen, & more
  • Somethingyaki:
    • Teriyaki
    • Yakitori
    • Yakisoba
    • Sukiyaki
    • Okonomiyaki
  • Where soup meets the Mongol hordes: Shabu-shabu, oden, and the like
  • Non-rice desserts
    • Dorayaki
    • Kuri-kinton
    • Matsukaze ("Wind in the pines") cake
  • Imports with a twist in the knickers: Tempura, karee-raisu (curry rice), potaju (pottage), and more

About the Japanese Home-style Cooking: More than Rice class


The Japanese also have many types of meals that don’t center on rice. Some of them are modified
international imports like ramen, tempura, and curry. This class will teach about several of the fundamental flavors of Japanese cooking and their use in a wide range of dishes, including variations such as miso-shiru, kitsune soba, and okonomiyaki all flavored with the same dashi (soup stock). Several representative main dishes and side dishes will be served, and the philosophies involved in creating a balanced, season-appropriate meal will be discussed.

Class meets Monday, March 14, 2005. 6:30-9 pm, Room 2138 Urbana High School