One-pot cooking

Class description

Sometimes you don’t want to spend an hour carving little flower petals
into a radish; you just want to get dinner on the table. This class
teaches everyday Japanese cooking at its simplest: from donburi (rice
bowls with toppings) to soba and ramen (noodle soup with fresh vegetables
and other ingredients), these dinners are designed to be made quickly
and even eaten on the run. Dishes to be discussed include oyako-don
(chicken and egg donburi), teriyaki-don (meat or tofu cooked in teriyaki
sauce), and a top-your-own “ramen bar.” Class meets Oct. 17.

Class outline

[ PPT version ]

  • Donburi: Rice bowls with toppings
    • Making rice
    • Oyako-don: chicken and egg
    • Curry rice: unlike anything you’ll see in India…
    • More donburi options
  • One pot with broth
    • Ochazuke (literally “soaked in tea”)
    • Noodles: Ramen, soba, udon
      • Chashuu ramen / soba / udon
      • Kitsune ramen / soba / udon
      • Tsukimi ramen / soba / udon
    • Discussion of winter one-pots: oden, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki