Recipes and tips discussed in the Rice Dishes class

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About cooking Japanese rice
How to select, store, wash, cook, and keep cooked Japanese rice

About particular recipes

  • Sushi
    (sushi rice, maki, nigiri, chirashi – and
    notes on kosher, vegetarian, and vegan sushi)
  • Onigiri
    (and onigiri fillings: furikake, umeboshi, grilled fish, and the dreaded
    Special Onigiri including spam, hamburger, etc.)
  • Donburi and bento philosophy
  • Donburi toppings
    (Oyako-don, una-don, tekka-don, etc.)
  • Bento sides (okazu)
    (tamagoyaki, horenso goma-ae, edamame, simmered shiitake, tatsukuri,
  • Ochazuke
  • Sekihan
  • Mochi
  • Dango
  • Miso soup

About the Japanese Home-style Cooking: Rice class


Learn about Japanese rice
(which is different than American rice), from selecting to cooking to
an assortment of everyday meals. Some of the recipes to be demonstrated
include sushi, onigiri, donburi, ochazuke, and more. Special rice dishes
such as sekihan, mochi, and dango will also be discussed. The recipes
prepared in class will be served as a simple home-style Japanese meal,
with green tea, miso soup, and Japanese pickles.

Class meets Monday, Feb.
28, 2005. 6:30 – 9 pm, Room 2138 Urbana High School