Sushi and onigiri

Class description

Shaped rice with toppings or fillings is one of the distinctive artistic traits of Japanese cuisine. This class will give hands-on lessons in how to make each of the fundamental kinds of sushi (maki-sushi, temaki-sushi,
nigiri-sushi, chirashi-sushi, and inari-sushi) as well as how to make onigiri (stuffed rice balls which are like the Japanese equivalent of a sandwich). Class meets Sept. 19.

Class presentation


Class outline

  • Cooking rice
  • Onigiri
    • Filled
    • Mixed
  • Making sushi rice
  • Sushi varieties
    Note: None of these fish are served raw in class because
    of health codes; however, several Asian markets in town carry frozen
    sushi-grade fish such as tuna and salmon, and many of them will also
    order it fresh if given advance notice for certain days of the week.
    • Nigiri sushi
      • Ebi (shrimp)
      • Inari (fried tofu)
      • Kani (crab)
      • Tako (octopus)
      • Tamago (egg)
      • Unagi (grilled eel)
      • Masago (capelin roe)
    • Maki sushi
    • Temaki sushi
    • Chirashi sushi
    • Kosher sushi notes
  • Serving sushi
    • Green tea
    • Soy sauce
    • Wasabi
    • Gari (pink pickled ginger)
    • Fingers or chopsticks OK